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Scent up to 200 sq. ft. | Waterless | Low maintenance

Subscription includes: rental of diffuser Fuji and Lili Chai refill cartridge delivered every 4 weeks (cartridge to scent 200 sq. ft. for 300 hours).

Billed every: 4 weeks.


Ambient scent up to 200 square feet with Fuji waterless diffuser. It can turn on/off at preset times and days. The intensity of the fragrance is highly adjustable, from subtle to extremely intense.

Additional product details

Diffuser: dimensions are 6.3 in. x 5.1 in. x 2.5 in, and the net weight is 11 oz.. Battery-operated and requires 3 pieces of D batteries. On cancellation of the subscription, this rented diffuser is to be returned to Laaveen.

Fragrance oil:scent up to 200 square feet for 300 hours per month. Refill cartridge delivered every four weeks.

Package includes

Diffuser Fuji and scent oil.

Change fragrance anytime
300 Hours of scenting per month
Paid subscription starts at the end of two weeks free trial. Cancel paid subscription anytime with 4 weeks notice.

Best for small spaces


Scent intensity adjustable

Using the settings on the diffuser, the scent intensity can be easily set anywhere from subtle to strong.

Auto on/off

The diffuser can be set to turn on/off automatically every day at pre-set time. This means your business smells great every single day, all day long.

Portable and sleek

Fuji is powerful yet low power-consuming. Doesn't require electric connection and change battery only once in four to six months.


Our diffuser allows you to diffuse the fragrance oil without diluting it in the water and without breaking them down by heating. This means you and your customers can smell the real ingredients in their natural form.

Scent up to 200 sq. ft.

Small but mighty, sleek and quite. Can easily scent up to 200 square feet and sometimes the scent can even travel up to four hundread square feet.

Wall placement

Perfect for narrow and small spaces. Away from the reach of customers and out of the way; placed on the wall.

2 min. setup

Easy setup - the equipment is shipped pre-set, including your local time on the diffuser. Then, hang it on the wall to start scenting. Additional maintenance is not required.

Ambient scenting

As easy as 1-2-3




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